Never Give Up!

You've failed a million times and now you are thinking of giving up. Don't! Pick yourself up and try again for it is inbetween the trying you find your success. You don't need to be a book "guru" to make it. You think you've failed so many a time; you've not; you've only found out what you shouldn't do so as to succeed. You have your own 'field of specialization' so don't do something just because others are doing it- you'll fail if u ain't made for such. We all have talents- talents for different purposes. Make the best use of your own talent. Don't just keep it because 1 day It's going to be useless. When you' stumbling & falling, why don't you pick yourself up? U need to work to make a way. If you have fallen, don't just sit there. Move! Do something. Get up! Your soul may keep cracking whenever you fail or whenever you think you'd better be strong and do wat u feel in your heart. To give up, is a 'fool's idea'. No great man is better than you are. In fact, see urself as better than they all because you can even be better, greater if you get up from that floor you've fallen on to. I know It's not so easy but that's all you have. It might seem that you'v been taking five steps forward and two steps back, trying to get ahead of the game but u can't. Again, you think you're wrong to think you're right...just keep moving. Nobody told u Bill Gates was the one leading his class... Do something extraordinary! You're made to be great!! You're made for greatness!!!

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