The Fact About Relationships

Where do we begin?

In my everyday life, I see girls gathered just to talk about their boyfriends or some dude they met at the party last night. All guys talk about is football and mostly, GIRLS- girls they laid with last night, their girlfriends, a girl tripping for them, a girl in class they like…. Well, all these bottles down to RELATIONSHIPS…good or bad.

Every high school kid’s got a crush on someone no matter how much you want to deny it. As children, we grow in a matrix of relationships which eventually shapes us into the adults we become. We all want a relationship with the opposite sex but we’ve got our different reasons. Some date for fun- a month and it’s over. Just like they say “it was a fling”. Some date for material gain- “Well, if he’s not rich, to hell with him”. Others date for companionship. Ehm…, I think I’ve dated for two of the above reasons (whichever you are trying to figure out now).

The best is to date for love. You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because you sing the same song which only you two can hear. I guess relationships are fun but also heart-breaking. They don’t always have a ‘happy ending’ but the story could go on- there is still someone else out there waiting for you.

Some people say love is wicked. Trust me, LOVE is truly WICKED! How do we explain this- You are in love with a guy who is love with a gal that doesn’t like him. That sucks! Now, love sucks!! We all do things that naturally we can’t do because we are in love and, that’s the more reason we get so hurt when there is a break-up. The amount of sacrifices you make in a relationship will determine how much you’d be broken if and when it’s over. It’s sad. But we’ve got to take chances.

After the break-up, some people just screw up and say ‘I’m never going to fall in love again!’ You ask why and they tell you they have no heart to love- it’s broken. And most of them break down, crying when they remember their past relationship(s). Now, since they can cry I think they are emotional and therefore they still have a heart- a heart to love. It might be broken but someone will one day mend it, no matter how many times it gets broken….if you give them a chance. Yes, I know it’s not easy but we have to try. Don’t be so hard on love because someone broke your heart. It’s not so hard to cross the road…it all depends on who’s waiting on the other side.

Let’s get this straight; relationships are hard work. As we move along into different relationships, we learn a lot of things. Also, it gives us the opportunity for personal growth and shared happiness. Just try to invest more in your relationship. Building and maintaining a relationship may be expensive but hard work pays off when you finally find the one you have been looking for- the right one.


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