Kanye West Had Altercation With Photographer After Bumping Head On Road Sign

11/05/2013 11:33

Pictured Above: Kim and Kanye make their way out of the car park
He's not known as the most shy and retiring star. And Kanye West showed his fiery side when he flew into a rage at a paparazzi photographer on Friday after hitting his head on a road sign. The rapper was out house hunting in Beverly Hills with his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian when he bumped the top of his head on the metal notice as he was looking down in a bid to keep his face concealed from photographers, as reported by TMZ.com.
The pair, who are expecting their first child together this summer, were walking up a ramp from a car park towards a cafe while taking a break from looking at properties. After hitting his head on the corner of the sign, Kim turned to see if her man was in any pain while a photographer asked: "You alright, buddy?"
Kanye sustained no injuries apart from a small scratch but was clearly upset by the accident.
Storming up to one photographer, he exclaimed: "Will you stop taking f**king pictures now, man?" The star and a concerned looking Kim then made their way into the restaurant for a bite to eat but before they sat down for their meal the musician came back outside and screamed at the paparazzo again.
ABOVE: Kanye holds his head after the bump shortly before flying into a rage
Getting more angry, he yelled: "Don't take a f**king another photo, man. Don't take another f**king photo man! Don't take no photos! Stop it! All of you mother f**kers stop it, man!" #I guess people should keep away from Kanye when he runs into trouble! #


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