Ex-Beauty Queen Agbani Darego Covers the May 2013 Issue of TW Magazine

13/05/2013 12:57

TW Magazine's cover girl for the month of May 2013 is none other than Agbani Darego, who at the impressionable young age of 18 was thrust from obscurity unto the world stage, when she made history in 2001 by becoming the first black African woman to be crowned Miss World.
In a pose that shows a woman who is youthful, exuberant and stunningly beautiful, Agbani Darego is still "Sitting On Top Of The World" 12 years after receiving her gilded crown. She has made a conscious effort to live her life away from the public eye, but in this revealing interview she opens up like never before, sharing details about her journey from the pageant world to the modelling circuit her current evolution into a fashion entrepreneur with the launch of her eponymous denim line.


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