Asa Involved In A Car Accident In Nashville Tennessee

14/05/2013 18:57

According to singer Asa, she had an accident in Nashville, TN on Tuesday afternoon while taking a walk across an intersection. She said a driver who hit her wasn't paying attention while she was crossing a pedestrian intersection. The driver allegedly hit her and sent her flying.
Below is what she tweeted:
"Trouble sleep yanga wake am. I had on black pants, black jumpers, hiphone is black + I'm black. How the hell was the lady going to see me
Was in a shock for a minute. Paramedicas checked my blood pressure. Everything is fine. Thank God I'm alive today. Hope you are well. I feel a little woozy. But everything is fine. Got a ride in a police car and let the driver off with stern warning
The driver wore tiny frames that fed up her peripherals. Told her she need jumbo glasses like mine. I'm well just a little wooz."


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