Banky W: 'Wizkid Is Still Signed To EME'

05/04/2013 10:44

According to EME boss, Banky W, "It's all bad belle people, they think there may be bad news and when you don't give them that news they start to create it because bad news sells more than good news. First of all, there was no twitter fight, people go online and use photoshop to create my profile and then they go and create Wizkid's profile and say he said this and that - even when it never happened. What happened is that we have been working on Wizzy's project to make it work internationally and when you are getting to that level, things change."
"He has his own idea of what he wants to do and we are in 100% support of that and these were the things we dreamed of back in 2009 when I signed him....Wizkidis still signed to EME!!!", Banky said all these when he was at Dubai for Tuface's wedding.
On Wizkid's Starboy Entertainment that he just floated, the boss said, "well you know that is something else he wants to do, he wants to start his record label just like I started mine then and see where I am today. You have a lot of people fabricating stuff and trying to make it feel like there is a battle and you know we don't believe in that...we are all mature and grown up people...he is absolutely and still part of the family..."
When Wizkid was asked how it works for him to have Starboy Entertainment and still be part of E.M.E" he said, "I would give you a fantastic example, Kanye West has GOOD music and he is still with Rock Nation, ROCKAFELLA...I rest my case"


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