Britain's First Double Sex Change Couple To Marry: Man Who Was A Woman To Wed Woman Who Was A Man

17/04/2013 08:00

She used to be a man; he used to be a woman.
56-year-old Helen Morfitt who started her life as Leslie is set to marry 46-year-old Felix Laws formerly known as Katy in September of 2013. After their wedding, the now engaged couple will officially become Britain’s 1st double sex-change husband and wife.
Before they started dating, the couple had already been married 4 times. Helen Morfitt has 8 children while Felix has just 2 kids from his previous marriages. image
The lovers who had sex change surgeries 7 years apart will officially tie the knot on the 13th of September.
“We’ve been through a lot over the years and had tough times transitioning from one sex to another, but we’ve now found each other and that’s all that matters.“
"I’ve been married three times before but this time I know it’s for real because I know I’m the right sex this time."- Helen told the Daily Mirror.
Felix, who consulted the doctors for sex change surgery was referred to a transgender support club managed by Helen. Helen and Felix met each other in 2008.


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