Footballer El Hadji Diouf 'Beaten Up' In Toilets Of Senegal

22/05/2013 10:10

It was reported on Monday (20 May) that soccer badboy, El Hadji Diouf was beaten up in a drunken fracas in a nightspot's toilets.
The Leeds Utd striker was said to have abused other drinkers at beach bar Five in Almadies in his Senegal homeland.
Local newspapers claim two men followed him to the toilets and laid into him for ten minutes before bar staff summoned his minders in the early hours of Sunday.
A source had said: "He was with his wife but was completely drunk and was shouting abuse at everyone."
"A man called Thierry and a friend beat him up in the toilets for at least ten minutes. They gave him a going-over," the source added.
Harouna Deme, boss of Le Populaire newspaper, which broke the story, said: "He has a reputation for getting involved in fights."
"I can remember at least four other instances of him fighting."
Bar owner Latir Diop told The Sun that Diouf was not hurt.


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