Chidinma: 'I Never Dated Adams Of Soundcity'

23/04/2013 11:42

In late 2012, a romance rumour between Chidinma Ekile of MTN Project Fame and Adams Ibrahim of Soundcity TV, spread like harmattan fire. So rife was the reported romance that many even speculated that it would lead to marriage with the way it was going. Even as the reports were getting heated, both parties involved in the rumoured relationship kept sealed lips on the issue. While Chidinma has continued to face her profession as a singer, Adams is making waves as a top TV presenter. Speaking recently in an interview with STV Lagos, the singer debunked the rumour of a romantic relationship between her and the former Next Movie Star contestant, Adams. She said nothing went on between the two of them as reported in the media. Chidinma said she decided to keep calm on the issue for a long time because she was enjoying the hype the news was giving her. "I am getting used to such news, it is part of the job, but nothing of such happened between us," she said on Entertainment Weekly show on STV.

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