Chioma Chukwuka: Called ''Igbo Bitch'' By Journalist

27/04/2013 12:51

Smarting from the frustration and exhaustion that greeted everyone after the AMAA awards and the endless wait at the Port-Harcourt International Airport, actress Chioma Chukwuka boarded the evening flight back to Lagos, determined to cause another stir on board.
A quarrel ensued between herself and a Lagos based female journalist, which caused the actress to loose her temper in a manner that attracted the attention of everyone on board. But for the fact that she was on board, the visibly angry Chioma would have done the unexpected.
She claimed that the journalist was rude to her, adding that "most painfully, she called me Igbo bitch and all that. I wouldn't blame her because AMAA brought us together. I can conveniently pay her salary," she bragged.
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