Davido Talks About His Generosity

19/04/2013 19:06

Nigerian singer Davido, son of Dr Deji Adeleke has identified himself as the most generous artist in Nigeria. In a recent interview Davido reveals how he ordered a N500 food at a restaurant and paid 50,000 instead and how he donated N1 million to a cancer patient. This is what he said:
"I always try to give anytime I see a chance to help or encourage people; I can walk into any restaurant even though I am a star, order a plate of food that is worth N500 and give the seller N50,000. That’s my way of giving back to the society, that’s my way of encouraging the hustle of fellow Nigerians."
"I don’t do it for publicity, unlike the time I gave N1m to a cancer patient , the media made it well known but it is was not my intention to make it a media affair but due to the fact that I am a celebrity, it goes out there," he continued.
"I wanted to help give another person a second chance at life, my late mum didn’t have that. The woman’s death will affect so many people so helping save her is also helping make so many others happy," #Omo baba olowo, I need a part of your money ooo...

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