Indian Stuntman Dies Trying To Break World Record

30/04/2013 23:25

A popular Indian stuntman and Guinness world record holder, Sailendra Nath Roy has died. He met his untimely death yesterday during a stunt gone wrong episode overTeesta Riverin Darjeeling, India. Roy's hair got caught halfway and he could not move. Roy started screaming as he tried to inch forward, according to witnesses. "Roy tried frantically to get hold of a second rope to reach the finishing point," police officer K. Jayaraman told the AFP news agency.
After around 20 minutes of struggle, he went limp and was rescued by local people. He was declared dead by a suspected heart attack when he was sent to a hospital 280 miles away. The stunt was a poorly coordinated one. Despite his desperate calls for help, nobody could rescue him. #RIP

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