Kim Kardashian: 'I've Had A Lot Of Pain During Pregnancy'

22/04/2013 14:24

Kim Kardashian says she has had to deal with a lot of pain during her pregnancy. The reality star - who's due to give birth in July- says she's been forced to google when feeling an ache or some other kind of discomfort. Speaking with E!'s Ryan Seacrest, Kim revealed: "I've had a lot of pain, everywhere. I'm in pain, physically."
"I get really paranoid and I start Googling things, the things that come up are really scary. It just freaks me out all the time," she explained.
Her sister Khloe Kardashian, talking about what Kim goes through, said: "Her back hurts, her breasts hurt, her stomach hurts, her feet hurts, her head hurts, her eyes hurt, her nails hurt." "She cries all the time too," she added.
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