Kirk Norcross Claims To Have Slept With 1000 Women

15/04/2013 07:25

Kirk Norcross admits he loves to meet women. He has reportedly slept with about 1,000 women. After losing his virginity at the age of 14, the 'ex-The Only Way Is Essex' reality star has tallied up quite a few notches on his bedpost. According to the latest reports, playboy Kirk has sept with around 100 women a year on average.
I believe that's some of the perks that come along with being on a hit reality show and co-owning night club the Sugar Hut. The 24-year-old told said: “If I had to guess how many girls I’ve slept with, I’d say 800 to a thousand." Hmmm...that's a lot!! “I’ve clocked up the numbers, it has never really stopped, apart from the odd serious relationship along the way", he added.
But the reality star is not ashamed about his past as he said: “It sounds like a lot of women – but I love sex so I don’t regret it.”
Women who have made their way onto Kirk's impressive number list include co-stars Amy Childs and Lauren Pope as well as a famous porn star and a playboy bunny. The Essex lad also hit Twitter today to defend his choice to open up about his rather active sex life. He posted: "Haters gonna hate! But f*****k it! #HiHaters". Kirk continued to boast about his bedroom antics but confessed it helped his confidence levels. He claimed: "It gave me a massive confidence boost to know I had that advantage over other lads.”


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