Never Give Up!

25/01/2011 00:00

U've failed a million times and now u'thinkin of giving up. Don't! Pick yourself up and try again for it is inbetween d trying u find ur success. You don't need to be a book "guru" tomake it. U think u've failed so many atime; u've not, u've only found out what u shouldn't do so as to succeed. U av your own 'field of specialization' so don't do something just bcz others are doing it. U'll fail if u aint made for such. We all av talents- talents for different uses. Make d best use of ur own talent. Don't just keep it cz 1day It's going to b useless. When u' stumblin&falling, why don't u pick urself up now? U need to work to make a way. If u have fallen, don't just sit there. Move! Do something. Get up! Your soul may keep crackin whenever u fail or u think u fail. You'd better be strong and do wat u fil in heart. To give up, is a 'fool's idea'. No great man is better than u are. In fact, see urself as better thanthey all cz u can even b better,greater if u get up from dat floor u'v fallen on to. I kno It's not so easy but that's all u have. It mightseem that u'v been taking five steps forward and two steps back, trying to get ahead of d game but u can't. Again, u think u'r wrong to think you're right. Just keep moving. Nobody told u Bill Gates was d one leading his class... Do something extraordinary! U'r made to be great!


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