Rihanna Styled Locks Get Blown All Over As She Drives Around LA With On-And-Off Boyfriend Chris Brown: The Dangers Of Driving Around In A Convertible

11/04/2013 12:18

Rihanna suffered world's most irritating wardrobe malfunction during date with Chris Brown. Rihanna sounded a little annoyed about it yesterday.The Diamonds hitmaker was zipping around LA with on-and-of boyfriend, Chris Brown, when she ran into the fashion fail.
Her stylish hairdo came in for a battering, leaving it looking seriously ruffled by some severe gusts. The 25-year-old posted a series of pictures of her and Chris together in the sports car, pointing out she wasn't pleased with how her barnet looks. She wrote on one snap: "This s*** look like a toupee." The We Found Love singer donned a yellow tank top for her day out, accessoring her look with a pair of horn-rimmed sunglasses.
The pair looked to be having a great time in each others company, only three days after Rihanna hinted during a gig she wasn't happy about her love-life. While on her Diamonds world tour, she asked the crowd: "How many of you are in love? How many of you hate love? How many of you don't f***ing understand it?"
"I'm in that group." She added


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